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Intarsia Artworks 🚬 💁🏻 👀

For my new course at college (Foundation diploma in Art and Design) we were set a project called “I Am”. We had to create 6 outcomes that were 10 X 10 that expressed something about who we are. Of course, for this i had to include some knitting!¡ 😅 

I was inspired by the work of Solene Lebon-Couturier, who creates knitted portraits. I thought  I would have a go at creating my own, using intarsia and fair isle techniques!: 


I can’t wait experiment more with using knitting as a medium in art!¡ ✌️😄 

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Intarsia Rules

So i created this neat little intarsia cheat sheet in my sketchbook and also to help me remember the processes to use when knitting! Hope u enjoy 🙏🏻✌️

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Crochet Crochet Shantay 💁🏻

For my birthday I got the amazing gift of last years Stylecraft crochet along project- Lily Pond 😊 

I’ve recieved all the wool and patterns to make this beautiful lily pond blanket: 

I would highly recommend taking part in one of these projects as each month they will send you new patterns and wool ( much like my other knitting project with the blanket). I also find the stylecraft wool very soft and easy to work with- plus its cheap!!!! 😵💸 

So, for a student like me with a budget who likes viberant colours and patterns, stylecraft is a godsend! 

I’ve just started working on my first panel and am looking forward to learning new techniques 💘

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Eye Intarsia

So, this time I decided to try one of my own designs of a spooky eye. I think the eyelashes could of come out better but I’m pleased overall 👁

Im still knitting my blanket and going to be trying cable really soon!!! Here is my design: 

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More Mario Intarsia

After a successful move i am back to knitting 8bit mario stuff. This time I chose the question box and just followed its original 8bit pattern:

So far this is probably the least successful pattern and I recon if I had made it bigger it would of looked better! More to come soon… ✨✨✨

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1Up Intarsia! 

Can’t think of a better way to spend my summer now that I’m addicted to intarsia knitting!! 

Continuing on with the Mario theme I made this 1up in intarsia knitting! Here’s the pattern I made below! I’ve noticed the trick to knitting any pattern is to remember that they get a bit squashed in the horizontal direction. So I have tried to deliberately make my patterns longer vertically to counteract this so that the finished product looks as close to the original 8bit characters as possible. 

Soon I may try and knit these motifs into some socks or even a scarf! But for now I’m just going to practise so I can get better and neater at it! 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄