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Groovy charity shop tee

Yet again, i made another christmas present for one of my friends. My vision was to create the lamest tshirt ever! So i went out to a variety of charity shops in my town and tried to find some weird graphic tees and mesh then together: 

Once i had all the pieces together, i sewed it together using my machine. I then embroidered some comic details on it using my sewing machine again: 

Really feeling inspired to create my own tshirts and stuff in the future!! So hopefully there will be much more to come 🙌🏻🌸✨

Posted in Designs/illustrations, Sewing

Tshirt Designs Using my Sewing Machine

So in the lead up to Christmas i decided to design and create my own tshirts as a gift for someone who was very special to me 😊 

The tshirt designs were based off inside jokes that we shared and i used freehand seeing techniques on my sewing machine to create them! 

I drew the designs on paper (refining them several times beforehand using my lightbox) and then placed the paper over the fabric to guide my sewing