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Crochet Costers

For my boyfriend’s mums birthday I decided to make her some crochet costers as I love giving handmade gifts ☺️ 

These costers can be made to be super colourful like mine and they have a frilly outer edge that wraps around the mug or cup and helps to hold it in place whilst also looking cute! It gives the costers a floral appearance 🌻🌹 

To begin select some colours that you want to use! You can use as many or as little as you like and I will tell you below when to change them 

Round 1: 

  • Chain 4 
  • 13 tr into 4th chain from the hook (14 sts)
  • Slip stitch into final chain to join together
  • Join in new yarn and tie off old one 

Round 2: 

  • Chain 1 
  • *1dc, 2dc* rep to end 
  • Slip stitch into chain 1, add in new yarn, tie off old one 

Round 3: 

  • Chain 1 
  • *1dc, 1dc, 2dc* rep to end 
  • Slip St into chain 1, add in new yarn, tie off old one 

Round 4: 

  • Same as round 2 

Round 5: 

  • Chain 1 
  • *1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 2dc* rep to end 
  • Slip stitch into chain 1, add in new yarn 

Round 6:

  • Chain 1 
  • *1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 2dc* rep to end 
  • Slip stitch into chain 1, add in new yarn 

Round 7: 

  • Chain 1 
  • 1dc, 1dc, *2dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc rep from * to end 
  • Slip stitch into chain 1, add in petal yarn 


  • Chain 2, 4 tr into next 4 sts 
  • Chain 2, slip stitch into next St 
  • Chain 2, tr into same St as slip St 
  • 3 tr into next 3 sts, chain 2, slip stitch into next St 
  • Rep last 2 points all the way around to form the coster 

On the last 2 petals make them 1 tr smaller if the pattern doesn’t quite fit 

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Groovy charity shop tee

Yet again, i made another christmas present for one of my friends. My vision was to create the lamest tshirt ever! So i went out to a variety of charity shops in my town and tried to find some weird graphic tees and mesh then together: 

Once i had all the pieces together, i sewed it together using my machine. I then embroidered some comic details on it using my sewing machine again: 

Really feeling inspired to create my own tshirts and stuff in the future!! So hopefully there will be much more to come 🙌🏻🌸✨

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Fluffy Mitts 

For Christmas this year I made some mittens for someone very close to me! I used basketweave stitch and ribbing and also applied the ‘afterthought’ thumb technique (which I had also done previously). 

I really enjoyed creating these as the wools were so soft! To learn how to do an afterthought thumb, which I now swear by, YouTube it and go to Kelly’s mitten classes as I found her videos extremely straightforward and helpful! 

Basketweave stitch: 

You will need to cast on a multiple of 8sts 

Rows 1-5: *K4, P4, rep from * to the end

Rows 6-10: *P4, K4, rep from * to the end 

Rep rows 1-10 to form pattern. 

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Bee Tee and New Desk Space

In my spare time this week I decided to ‘re-vamp’ an old tshirt of mine! Recently I’ve had a  thing for bees and all things girly 🐝🌸☺️✌️️ 

Yet again I used freehand sewing on my sewing machine and just went for it!  

Also I have changed my specialisation at college and have moved from doing Fashion to doing 3D Materials as I felt it would give me a stronger protfolio for studying Architecture at Uni. I’m already enjoying it so much and have had a lot of fun yesterday boarding up my desk!:

I got to cut some of the wood, paint it up and drill it together 🛠 it was my first using the drill 😂 I also went and got stuff from the freebie bin at Tiger to add to it, check out how I’ve sneakily covered up this chirstmasy mistletoe jar to make it more seasonally appropriate: 

More pics and stuff to come as I have actually done quite a few crafty things whilst on “hiatus” lol!! 🤗🙏🏻

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Another 4! 

So I’ve been on hiatus from my ‘Project of the Year’ blanket for a few months, but over the Christmas break I decided to pick it up again and go for it! I have completed another 4 squares and learnt how to use cable knit ☺️

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Tshirt Designs Using my Sewing Machine

So in the lead up to Christmas i decided to design and create my own tshirts as a gift for someone who was very special to me 😊 

The tshirt designs were based off inside jokes that we shared and i used freehand seeing techniques on my sewing machine to create them! 

I drew the designs on paper (refining them several times beforehand using my lightbox) and then placed the paper over the fabric to guide my sewing  

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I know I havent posted anything in a while, I honestly just haven’t got around to writing the posts but i have been up to lots of crafty stuff lol 👏🏻✨ 

Here’s some old work I did for college that I thought woild be good to add: 

This was me experimenting with typography using knitting for a graphic design project. I used 2 unusual yarnsi had left over from my ‘project of the year’ (which i’m still working on). One of the yarns is called firecracker and it’s like fuzzy silk. And the other changed weight and I like to think it looks a bit like mermaid hair!!! 

Also here is a picture of a massive phonotrope I made for my 3D materials project. I crocheted some sunflowers and progressively added more and more petals to create a ‘blossoming’ effect when its animated. 

More updates to come soon!!! Merry christmas 🎄 🎅 ❄️