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Fluffy Mitts 

For Christmas this year I made some mittens for someone very close to me! I used basketweave stitch and ribbing and also applied the ‘afterthought’ thumb technique (which I had also done previously). 

I really enjoyed creating these as the wools were so soft! To learn how to do an afterthought thumb, which I now swear by, YouTube it and go to Kelly’s mitten classes as I found her videos extremely straightforward and helpful! 

Basketweave stitch: 

You will need to cast on a multiple of 8sts 

Rows 1-5: *K4, P4, rep from * to the end

Rows 6-10: *P4, K4, rep from * to the end 

Rep rows 1-10 to form pattern. 



I'm a third yr college student who loves knitting, crochet and 3D materials. I'm hoping to go on to uni to study architecture. Here you will mainly find most of my knitting projects and other arty stuff ✨🎨

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