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more intarsia knitting! 

So I am now hooked on creating intarsia motifs and am trying to master this skill! In my second attempt I have tried to knit a Mario star (as in from the games). I’m a huge fan of Mario/ Nintendo games so I’m sure I’ll probably knit more along the lines of this theme soon. The outcome has made me feel very proud! 🌟🍄🎮🏁👸

I am now also trying to mix the techniques of intarsia with fair isle knitting to create more complex motifs and cut back on the amount of different stands of yarn you have to use! I have already used this technique around the eyes of the star using fair isle style knitting to continue on with the same yellow across the eyes instead of having to get another ball of wool. 

Below is my pattern I made for this star, feel free to use it as well! It’s basically a replica of the 8 bit star form the original Mario games with some tweaks. 

Yet again I have used a website called stitch fiddle for this which I would recommend if u want to experiment with making ur own patterns as it is extremely easy to use! 



I'm a third yr college student who loves knitting, crochet and 3D materials. I'm hoping to go on to uni to study architecture. Here you will mainly find most of my knitting projects and other arty stuff ✨🎨

7 thoughts on “more intarsia knitting! 

  1. That looks really good! I love intarsia and fair isle but I need to work on stopping my stitches from bunching up the work as I change colour.
    I did a similarly themed pattern last year: a poke ball on a green background. It works so well for 8-bit style game themed knitted.

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    1. That was the problem I had before when I tried to do a motif in fair isle lol! I’m sure I’ll do more of the 8 bit style soon, it translates very well into knitting

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      1. First of all make sure all the yarn u use is the same weight! I’ve been using style craft dk wools for my motifs as its easy to work with! Then you have to knit in intarsia instead of fair isle. Although it might feel like there’s lots of holes to begin with, it makes sure there’s no bunching and the pattern normally looks more accurate to its design 🙂 hope this helps

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  2. Wow! That ooks really col. Quick question: Have you tried doing stranding? It’s when you catch the yarn behind the other yarn when you’re carrying it for more that 3 to 4 stitches. It prevents the loops at the back, as well as the eternal weaving in of ends. It’s just a method I like.


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