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Project of the year blanket. so far! 

So last Christmas my mum signed me up to ‘The Project of the Year’ as a gift. This project is run by the very friendly lady who owns the knitting and wool shop in my town. The project for this year was to make a big knitted blanket out of knitted squares. These squares are to be made in a variety of different sizes, patterns and colours. Once every month I go and pick up my package from the shop which contains all of the wool I will need for that month and instructions on the pattern. This is such a great scheme and since starting it I have learnt so many different techniques! Here are some of the squares I have completed so far… 

This was the first months knitting and both of these are stocking stitch ( 1st row knit, 2nd row purl)
This was the second months and yet again this is stocking stitch. But this time with changing of the wool to incorporate a new colour into the pattern
The third month taught me how to knit in blackberry stitch. This ended up taking a lot longer then the first 2 months combined!

To knit in Blackberry Stitch: 

1st row: P 

2nd row: K1, *(K1, P1, K1) into the next st, P3tog, rep from * to last st, K1 

3rd row: P 

4th row: K1, * P3tog, (K1, P1, K1) into the next st, rep from * to last st, K1

Rep rows 1-4 to form pattern. 

Since Christmas I haven’t been able to do as much knitting as I would of liked as I have been doing my A-levels and got side-tracked by knitting lots of mittens! But I now back into it and making great progress! More to come soon 🙌💪🔥



I'm a third yr college student who loves knitting, crochet and 3D materials. I'm hoping to go on to uni to study architecture. Here you will mainly find most of my knitting projects and other arty stuff ✨🎨

2 thoughts on “Project of the year blanket. so far! 

    1. The blackberry stitch is so nice, takes a while but it feels great and so does the fur! It was like a fluffy wool, I can’t remember now what it was called but it was difficult to knit with lol


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