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Custom design mittens ft sticky the cat 🐈

A while ago I made some mittens for the winter ❄ I wanted them to have a seeded pattern on the back of the glove. For this I used a pattern I found on the internet and altered it slightly to suit me. The pattern I used for the seed on the back of the gloves is seen below. Unfortunately I found that this pattern didn’t show up to well as I used Aran wool, it think perhaps it wouldn’t of looked more striking on a worsted weight yarn. However it did make the back of the gloves look subtlety more textured. 
For the first part of the pattern I followed the design on knit picks for ‘diamond textured mittens’ which is also where the seed pattern comes from. This design was free to download and I believe still is if u follow this link

However, instead of knitting in a thumb hole as you go along as the pattern suggests, I decided to do an afterthought thumb hole once I got to row 17 of the seeded pattern (as you can see annotated). I followed a very helpful series of YouTube videos called Kelley’s Mitten Classes. Simply find this YouTube and watch the ‘afterthought thumb set up’ video to start to learn about how to do one. They are a quick and simple method of making thumb holes for mittens that I now use all the time. 

For the last part of my mittens I did 12 rows of ribbing as I did at the start and folded it over. This was because I know my fingers get very chilly and I wanted the option of being able to pull the flap up over my hands if they got too cold ❄⛄



I'm a third yr college student who loves knitting, crochet and 3D materials. I'm hoping to go on to uni to study architecture. Here you will mainly find most of my knitting projects and other arty stuff ✨🎨

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